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Body Care Newf

January 13, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Shaving your pubic area for the first time can be a new challenge for almost any woman. How to begin? How to avoid nasty and ugly razor bumps? How does one avoid razor burn on this sensitive area of the body? What methods work the best for shaving the pubic area and the bikini line? Is shaving a better alternative to waxing for example? Well I can give you my insight on the topic as I have been shaving down there for many years without any problems such as razor bumps and razor burn. I even know what products from the razor to use to what shaving gels to use, and if you follow the after care advice I give, you will have less of a chance to get razor bumps or razor burn. In fact if you follow this advice the entire process of shaving this area will be rather easy. I should make note however, even following my advice does not one hundred percent guarantee no razor bumps or razor burn, as skill comes into play as well as environmental factors.

First off we need to think just like men do when approaching the issue of shaving the pubic hair. This is because while yes we do shave our legs and arm pits on a routine basis, these hairs are no where near the thickness and coarse like quality of pubic hair. Our women’s razors we use on our legs simply are not built for the task, unless you happen to be one the few lucky ones with fine thin pubic hairs. It is this very first basic step here that many women make the crucial mistake on, which is reaching into the medicine cabinet and plucking out a leg razor. Using a woman’s razor here is one of the leading causes of razor burn, since your women’s leg razor will dull out fairly fast cutting the pubic hairs. A dull blade will pull at your hairs and hair follicles, which is painful and causes razor burn. Buy a mans razor, the more blades it has on it the better. Do not go with the cheap dollar store brand either. Go Gillette is my advice, with a lubricated strip to it.

Next up we need to choose a good shaving cream. I suggest skipping shaving cream and going with Newf Brand Venereous Shaving Oil, which can last up to one year and a jar of Newf Brand Venereous Shaving Jelly. If you opt not to go with these, then I can only say avoid heavily scent laden creams, gels etc. Also use none that has mint or menthol in them. Nor should you use any that has an acid in them such as steric acid, as this will cause issues with your skin in this area of the body, such issues as razor burn, and can even lead to razor bumps as they can clog up your pores, causing an ingrown hair and trapping bacteria in them.

With the proper razor, and the proper shaving lubricant, you are now on your way to avoiding most of the pain and annoyance, that shaving this tender spot on our body’s can cause. It will also mean you can avoid painful waxing visits. A good clean shave when done properly will not hurt, if you use the right tools for the job, your chances of suffering razor bumps, cuts, and razor burn are greatly reduced. Using the advice in this guide is a great way to avoid waxing while still keeping sexy, smooth and soft down in that area.

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