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Botox and Breasts – What Do They Have in Common?

March 9, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Botox has become a popular staple for both medical cosmetics and treatment of conditions and maladies. The scientific name for this substance is Botulinum toxin and it was originally discovered in association with food poisoning. In large doses, this substance causes deadly paralysis, but in prescribed increments, it can stall muscles into helpful statuary. People who suffer from spastic action, overactive glands and twitching disorders may find help with Botox. Some examples of medical applications for this product include excessive underarm sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, TMJ, migraine headaches, cerebral palsy and adult acne. Cosmetically, it’s widely known that the substance has the capability of stalling wrinkles, but it’s now also being used to perk up breasts.

Perky breasts are a sought after physical feature. They are hallmark signs of youth, vitality and sex appeal. As a woman ages, her bosoms will sag as a matter of course. This may be as a result of gravity, stretched out skin which has lost elasticity or due to the aftermath of lactation and childbearing. During pregnancy and lactation, a woman’s body secretes hormones which allow the skin to expand in order to incorporate milk production. After babies are weaned, the glands recede and the milk dries up but the container remains stretched out.

Surgical breast lifts are called mastopexies and are performed by plastic surgeons in hospital or clinical settings. They are done by using an incision to remove excess skin, tissue and will leave a scar or two. These procedures are named after the scars’ appearances, including the anchor, lollipop and donut technique. The anchor offers the highest degree of lift while the donut offers the least.

For those who choose not to go under the scalpel, Botox has become another option for raising the bosom into a higher and more youthful position. This procedure would also be performed by a cosmetic surgeon but would not entail scarring and incisions. Instead, it would require several injections of the medication into the chest regions’ pectoral minor muscle, which is the one that pulls the bosom downward. When these muscles are relaxed, the opposing muscles, which are called the rhomboids, will pull upward to create a lift.

Like all rounds of Botox treatments, this type of breast enhancement will only be temporary and need to be repeated every three to six months. The surgical mastopexy will be permanent but will result in scarring. There are pros and cons to each option. The temporary method may be a woman’s choice as a quick fix, such as improving her looks in a bikini top if planning a vacation to the beach or when cleavage revealing formal wear is required.

As with all medical procedures and medications, there are risks of complications involved. Possible complications include overreaction causing paralysis in muscles which are needed to perform strength maneuvers as well as infections at the injection site.

When it comes to Botox only a patient and their plastic surgeon can make the decision of what is best for them. If a prospective patient is interested in the procedure, they should visit their physician for an informative consultation.

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