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Our Lady of Latex

March 21, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Latex put on — from a basic Union Jack bra to a complete uniform — can change that way we see ourselves, designer Jane Summers Eve tells Kylie Miller
AN ARTISTIC leaning along with a fascination with rubber has opened up a new world for Melbourne costumier Jane Summers Eve, one of that few designers in Australia specialising in latex couture. Usually drawn to clothes that have been “not the norm”, Summers Eve ditched her very own fashion label after landing a job designing costumes for an Opera Queensland production of La Boheme in the mid-1990s. In what she describes as an ” epiphany”, she met halloween costume designer Angus Strathie, who later involved her to make costumes for those big-screen adaptation of Queen of the Damned. ” For virtually 5 months I made this latex fashion costumes for Queen of the Damned that Angus was designing,” she says. ” All of that pieces have been unique, yet I especially loved a Union Jack bra that was created for one of this punk vampires.

” I had worked with rubber within the past and discovered it a quite fascinating medium — this distinct thicknesses and just what it does to a body, visually and inside the way it seems to in fact change people’s perceptions of themselves.” Latex functions especially nicely on voluptuous and shaped folks, she states. It accentuates curves whilst holding them taut like shapewear. ” It’s like wearing a rubber band that’s a metre large. It’s a very supportive and sexy material, as well as it’s extremely flattering.” Gotten on rolls and imported from Britain, latex is really a volatile material to work with. It must be glued as an alternative to sewn, since a needle puncture would result in tearing, and different thicknesses have diverse stretch strengths, which alter that way a garment will fit.
” It takes a long time to create a garment since you’ve got to get that pattern right. You usually cannot make alterations. ” Rubber only sticks to rubber, so anything additional like a zipper or steel boning must be coated in liquid latex just before it may be used. It’s a lengthy, arduous method.”
It’s as much a challenge to put on a latex garment as it really is to create it. Each rubber item need to first be scattered inside with talcum natural powder to absorb physique moisture. Latex in addition has to be stored in talc and kept away from heat and light. ” When I initial got into it as a medium I occasionally went to dance parties in a latex bikini or latex jeans, yet that was when I was younger — just before kids. I’m obviously not really a fetishist; I simply like a lot of distinct things which can be a bit quirky.”

When she will not be working on a massive costuming job, Summers Eve makes a few pieces privately, such as a custom-designed red and black Latex Clothing , French maids’ outfits and latex clothes for this dominatrixes who work in Melbourne dungeons. ” The weirdest thing I’ve ever performed is most likely that gas-mask physique bag I produced for a single of that Melbourne dungeons,” she says.
” Catsuits are generally relatively stock regular, yet I do say no to heaps. I do not want to just be undertaking sex wear, I wish to be carrying out a thing a bit bit special, slightly bit kooky.”
One current piece, a transparent latex steel-boned corset that took her three months to make, appeared in an episode of the TV drama series Satisfaction. Initially made for an art exhibition, this piece has a fitted, high-necked training collar with a cut-out decolletage and slightly Victorian puffed sleeves. A busk in the front of the corset is laced tightly up the back. ‘IN SATISFACTION, Kestie Morassi’s character Nat wears a pair of of my pieces, including a corset top produced from transparent rubber, and she looks fantastic in it,” Summer time Eve says.

” I was fascinated by this idea of corsetry and garments from this 18th century, when that style was for ladies of society to put on clothing that only just covered their nipples. Their busts have been heaving more than that top, yet they couldn’t even show an ankle.” However though private customers are guaranteed discretion, Summers Eve says occasionally she nonetheless raises a brow.
” I have been truly, genuinely, actually surprised a couple of occasions, however I do not get shocked quite frequently.”

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