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What Is the Cause of Stretch Marks?

March 3, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

When you have stretch marks, sometimes you think you are alone in having them. After all, it is rare that you see them on anyone else, but that is because most people just cover them up. People who previously wore bikinis or shorts stop doing so once stretch marks appear. So, when you start getting stretch marks, you may be wondering what the cause of stretch marks are and how you can stop them or even reverse the damage that has already been done.

The cause of stretch marks is the underlying tissue growing too fast too fast and the skin not being able to keep up. Just like a balloon that is blown up, the outer layer gets thinner and thinner, because it is not given enough time to regenerate the extra cells that are needed to enclose what is beneath. Primarily this happens when a woman is pregnant. The belly gets bigger, but the skin cannot keep up with that growth and stretch marks start to appear.

Weightlifting and weight gain for reasons other than pregnancy are also a common cause of stretch marks. You will find that many men who have grown quickly or put on a lot of muscle will have the same types of stretch marks that pregnant women get, yet for them, it is not generally quite as big of a problem.

There are a few products available that treat stretch marks, the most popular of which is Trilastin. This is an all natural product that works by getting much needed elastin and collagen beneath the surface of the skin, to help regenerate the cells that aren’t there. It plumps up the scarred tissue and also treats the surface of the skin so that the marks disappear. Within a month, you will begin to see remarkable results, no matter how bad your stretch marks were.

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