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Who Else Needs To Get Ready For Bikini Season Fast?

February 21, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

A lot of women think that it will be rather easy to drop roughly ten or even twenty pounds over a month or so to get ready for the summer months. But truth be told, if you want to undo all that winter weight you packed on, it’s going to take a lot more work. Should you be seriously interested in appearing your very best on the beach this summer, a very radical bikini bootcamp can help you get those results. Still, remember that this isn’t likely to be a cake walk (no pun intended).

Welcome to bootcamp new recruits!

For anyone who is still here, I’m guessing you are willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work. And this we’re focusing on: Reducing your calorie intake as well as working out 5-6 times per week (incorporating both cardio and muscle building).

Let us analyze this in more detail:

Bikini Body Boot Camp Diet plan

We are reducing to nearly 1500 calories to eat each day. This will likely come off as pretty harsh; however it’s the cold truth of the matter if you’d like really fast results. A lot of women make the mistake of going off the rails with small goodies and quick snack food. Each and every little scone or muffin can easily pack away 400 or maybe five-hundred high fat calories, which can be actually a great deal taking into account the that your caloric intake you ought to be only 1500 calories each day.

Alternatively, focus on enjoying low calorie filling food items including apples as well as some other fruit once you begin to feel the need to feed.

Not surprisingly it’s impractical to stay with this kind of eating routine non-stop for an entire 30 days. Allow yourself a day off each week to have whatsoever you want. Never go nuts though, have a realistic measure of meals.

Bikini Body Bootcamp Exercise System

This approach is going to be equally as rigid as the diet plan portion of the bikini boot camp. Make time to do an aerobic workout routine six times a week and also body building four times each week. This will likely seem like a considerable amount of effort, but if you are going to short-cut the time, prepare yourself to make up for it by means of plenty of added sweat.

Don’t forget, if you have not been doing regular exercise, ease into it so that you wont’ harm yourself or perhaps pull any muscles.

For the cardio exercises, something easy similar to a fitness treadmill, step climbing device, or even the elliptical machine are fantastic. You can change occasionally to help keep yourself from getting too bored doing the same dull things day after day. Try to complete about half an hour of aerobic exercise every day.

Be sure to switch the muscle groups in your routine while doing the weight training. If you work
your arms one day of the week, do some leg squats the next day. This will give muscle tissue time to heal repair itself while you’re working on another muscle set.

For the best results make certain the weights you lift are going to be challenging for you.
The more you wear out each muscle group, the more calories as well as body fat it is going to melt away as it rebuilds itself. This is what people call High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT for short), which is unbelievably effective at giving you fast results.

Dedicate about half an hour doing body building on the days you do this as well.

So you see, doing an intense bikini body bootcamp isn’t going to be simple or easy. In fact it’s quite strenuous. On the other hand, if you want to get some real results really fast, this is one thing you can do to get in shape so fast, your friends will be shocked. And before you know it you’ll shed that winter weight and you’ll be ready to turn heads and leave all the guys drooling over your hot bod at the pool.

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