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Application Of Laser Technology For Removal Of Unwanted Hair Growth

April 3, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Nowadays with the advancement of laser technology, with the help of Laser Hair Removal Dearborn Heights MI it is being possible to remove the unwanted body hair permanently and large number of both men and women are taking interest in laser technology for removing their body hair in different party of the body. Laser Hair Removal Dearborn MI today can swiftly, safely and completely get rid of unwanted hair nearly in all parts of the body. All it requires is the wish to go beyond the day to day grind of waxes and razors. Among the various common types of Laser Hair Removal Dearborn Heights MI methods, pubic hair and Brazilian bikini treatments enable people to put on the athletic attire, latest swim wear and fashions of intimate nature with total confidence. Services for Bikini laser are nice treatment for curbing ingrown hair. This facility of treatment is available at Laser Hair Removal Dearborn MI.

Hair removal with laser is a method in which one can get rid of unwanted hair from one’s body using pulse laser. Laser hair removal technology has been introduced from the year 1997. The treatment is conducted by a doctor or a laser specialist by directing the device of laser towards the shaved skin area. Disablements of follicles are done by laser heat which in turn prevents hair being produced. Growing of hair takes place in cycles. As different hairs will start their cycle of growth at different occasions, nearly six to eight sittings with a gap of eight to twelve weeks are required to disable majority of the follicles from the required area. Laser Hair Removal Dearborn Heights MI may be referred for details.

It is found that women characteristically spend her money and time by removing the unwanted hair from in her legs. However, commercial products such as Laser Hair Removal Dearborn MI for removing leg hair will provide only few days smoothness, thus excellent results are being delivered by leg laser methods. One of the big things regarding removal of underarm hair is that it is the ideal place to begin for anybody to laser treatments for the first time for removing body hair. Majority laser treatments like Laser Hair Removal Dearborn Heights MI for underarm are very easy and quick, and the output may enable one to earn great dividends for women and men alike. Chest is not just area for the body builders or swimmers anymore; chest hair removing is nowadays a routine matter for grooming of modern male. Laser treatments through Laser Hair Removal Dearborn MI for chest may take some additional visits to reduce permanently re-growth of hair; however as removal of body hair goes on, it is a great measure from the chain and ball termed waxing and shaving.

What is an estimate cost for laser hair removal for bikini line?

April 1, 2011 by  
Filed under Bikini Questions

I am looking to get laser hair removal on my bikini line. I’m looking to go as far as bikini line all the way to brasil (if you get what I’m saying) I was wondering what an estimate cost would be, and what the hair removal procedure is like?

Best Hair Removal Products

March 30, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

So you have unwanted hair? Who doesn’t? The problem is, there is so many hair removal products in the market today- from old fashioned waxing, to shaving epilators to electrolysis- it’s difficult to know which direction to turn.

Toss the razors and use the hair removal lotions instead. This sounds like a dream come true for many women. But what many don’t bother to read on the bottles is the extensive Caution statements on the bottles. There are similar caution statement that include the warning that product can cause an allergic reaction and able to produce skin irritations and burning. One of the main ingredient in some product is Calcium Hydroxide, that can result in chemical burns of the skin. There are many products available that can remove that unwanted hair. What should you expect from an effective hair removal product? First, you should expect that it works. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? but now, more than ever, there are many products that make promises that these are the best hair removal products but never deliver. You need to be careful.

For some, the problem is hereditary or related to ethnic heritage. For others, it can be caused by a medical condition such as polycystic ovaries or a hormone-secreting tumor, or even the result of hormonal changes linked to menopause. Still other women are interested in hair removal for areas such as legs, underarms, or bikini area, where growth is normal but sometimes undesirable. No matter the reason, there is no shortage of ways to cope. How you remove unwanted hair is largely a matter of preference. If you’re trying an electric razor or epilator for the first time, give yourself some time to get used to it, because it can take a while to develop the right technique. To help you decide which method of hair removal might be best for you, consult several experts in the field. They helped us prepare to most popular best hair removal.

Making Laser Hair Removal Painless

March 24, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

One the biggest concerns for men and women wanting to undergo laser hair removal is the pain involved. Although the procedure is pretty low in terms of pain levels, it does have a bad reputation for being a little more painful than other noninvasive procedures that involve laser energy, like VelaShape™ inch loss and cellulite reduction. Most patients who have had laser hair removal done describe every exposure to the device used to feel like a snap from a rubber band. This can be a little painful depending on how sensitive you are. Some patients can get treated without anything to help with pain, while others absolutely insist on having a topical numbing cream, usually containing lidocaine, spread over the area before the procedure. A good amount should be used. After a few minutes, the numbing cream kicks in and this area becomes numb so that the patient doesn’t feel anything during treatment. It normally takes about 30-40 minutes for this to happen.

Numbing cream is the most common way to reduce pain, and generally the lidocaine content is at the maximum allowable in such products sold over the counter: 4 – 6%. Other anesthetic ingredients may be included as well, such as tetracaine, prilocaine, benzocaine and phenylephrine. To help the skin absorb the numbing cream faster and more effectively, a latex garment may be worn over the area, or even plastic wrap. Because anesthetics of any kind can be harmful to a fetus, pregnant women should not use them.

Another way to ease pain is to take ibuprofen (Advil) prior to treatment. This medicine can also really help. Take it alone or combine it with the application of numbing cream.

The level of pain associated with laser hair removal really varies depends on the patient, hair colour, skin colour, skin type and area treated. In general, the darker the skin or the lighter the hair, the stronger the laser energy required to effectively achieve results. Areas such as the bikini line and upper lip can be more uncomfortable to treat than smaller areas on the arms or legs. For women, sensitivity generally increases when experiencing PMS so it’s best not to undergo any laser treatment or other cosmetic medical procedure during this time if the pain factor is an issue.

Laser Hair Removal Canton MI For Beauties At Their Best

March 23, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Unwanted and excess body Hair from time immortal has been a problem that has been bothering women. Women are often seen trying various options and spending loads of money to get rid of these unwanted and excess hairs. From hair removal creams, to razors, to waxing and too many other methods are being used by women today to get rid of these unwanted and excess hairs.

These methods do provide them the solution they need but only for a short period of time, they have to again repeat these to get rid of those excess and unwanted body hairs which grow all over again. In this process, a whole lot of money and time is wasted. This was done and still is being done by almost all women due to their ignorance of the existence of a new technique of hair removal, Laser hair removal Canton MI, that can get them rid from their years long problem of unwanted and excess hair growing back all over again, and frequently visiting salons and spending huge sums of money in this painful process of getting waxed and getting their eyebrows plucked.

This new technique having been mentioned above is the newly approved and attention gaining Laser hair removal technique. It is a safe technique and Dermatologists also certify its use in the current scenario. We at dacelife Canton MI provide this new and totally safe and dermatologist certified technique of Laser hair removal Canton MI. This technique of Laser hair removal Canton MI, provided at dacelife Canton MI is gaining acceptance by most of the women who frequent dacelife Canton MI.

Generally a Laser hair removal session can cost anywhere between $ 300 to sum $ 1400, depending upon the area on which the Laser hair removal treatment is done. Different areas can cost a client differently at different Salons and different dermatologists who offer this treatment, however the standard charges being $ 300 for Upper lip ,$300 again for chin and $300 for the naval, $800 for arms, $1200 for the back, $500 for under arm, $600 for bikini, $1200 for full face, $2000 for full legs, and the like. The total number of laser hair removal sessions that a client has to take, generally can range anywhere in between 3-8. It differs according to the colour of the skin, the area for which the laser hair removal session is being taken, hair coarseness, gender and even the individual response to the laser hair removal treatment which one is undergoing.

What should I expect from Bikini laser hair removal, my doctor won’t do except the hair on my thighs?

March 17, 2011 by  
Filed under Bikini Questions

She won’t do the hair in my lower abdomen or that behind. I think she should call it a old fashioned one piece line, not a bikini line. Should I find another place?

How much would laser hair removal cost for bikini, armpits and lower legs?

March 12, 2011 by  
Filed under Bikini Questions

I want my bikini, under arms and lower legs (knees down) done. What would the *total* cost be for the amount of treatments needed?
My bikini has dark coarse hair that is about average thickness.
My lower legs have hair thats not really dark but its like sort of dark and sort of thick and my armpit has dark but thinner hairs.

What is the best bikini hair removal product out there?

March 1, 2011 by  
Filed under Bikini Questions

I have tried waxing at the spa before but it seems like so much trouble and a waste of money to keep going. I have tried waxing at home and it just left me with red bumps. I have also tried Nair which left the same red bumps. What has really worked is shaving but the red bumps come soon after so I cant really wear a bikini the next day. I want to know what has worked best for other people, maybe I could try that out. Any at-home products??

What is the best product for hair removal for bikini, other than going to a spa and spend $45?

February 19, 2011 by  
Filed under Bikini Questions

I would like to find out the best hair removal without causing bumps. I love to swimm and my bikini is very small. Everything I tried cause ugly bumps. Any good idea?

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Treatment For Men And Women

January 7, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Most people all around the world face the problem of excessive hair growth and this is why they opt for different methods to get rid of unwanted hair. Waxing and shaving are commonly used by people. Both these methods are not are permanent and effective. If you want to remove hair permanently then electrolysis permanent hair removal treatment is an ideal option.

Before undergoing electrolysis permanent hair removal treatment, you must know how it works.

Working Procedure of Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Method

During the hair removal treatment, a doctor uses an electrode that is in the shape of a needle or metal probe. The needle has the ability apply electric current to the hair follicles. This prevents future hair growth. The total time required to remove hair varies on the basis of the hair quality and area that needs to be treated. Generally, electrolysis permanent hair removal method requires several sessions to achieve desired results.

Few years ago, electrolysis permanent hair removal treatment was only preferred by women, but these days even men opt for this treatment.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal for Men

Nowadays, men all over the world are opting for electrolysis to remove hair from different parts of the body. It has been observed that most of the men generally opt for shoulder hair removal and back hair removal. One of the best things about electrolysis is that they can work effectively on large body parts such as back and shoulder.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal for Women

Some women have unwanted hair on their face and other parts of their body. If you have excessive hair on your body, you can opt for electrolysis permanent hair removal for women. Most women undergo facial hair removal and bikini line hair removal treatment.

Apart from the above mentioned electrolysis permanent hair removal treatments, ingrown hair removal treatment is also very popular.

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