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7 Cover-Ups That’ll Transform Your Swimwear Into Streetwear

July 23, 2017 by  
Filed under Bikini Tips

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Sexy Swimwear For Your Spring Date on The Beach

March 31, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Spring is the true season of love. Many lovers plan to have spring breaks during this time when everything comes to life. And the beach is an ideal place for romantic lovers to enjoy sunshine, sea breeze, and sea wave. At this time, a pair of sexy swimwear well chosen will definitely put you in the focus of all attention. There is a very wide range of swimsuits in terms of body coverage, material, style or design. In the modern time of openness, sexy swimwear is perfect for women to display their body with confidence. And women on the beach dazzle themselves with kaleidoscopic display of seductive sexy swimwears to please their lovers. The bikini is typically a women’s sexy swimwear, either a one-piece or a two-piece. In a two-piece bikini, one piece covers the breasts, the other the groin and buttocks, leaving an uncovered area between the two. The bikini comes in various styles and cuts. Bikini tops can either be supported by straps or strapless. Bikini bottoms vary in the amount of body coverage ranging from complete underwear-style coverage to almost full exposure. In terms of material, swimwear can be made of polyester, lace, fabric, satin, mesh, cotton, and chiffon. Each material is unique in its own way.

Polyester has good ventilation property, wet resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and ultraviolet radiation protection. And it excels in crease resistance and style retention. Lace looks exquisite and romantic. And satin has perfect smoothness. Choosing to your favor is the key. Sexy accessories allow you to show your feminine beauty to the largest extent. Details really mean a lot. As a saying goes that never there is an ugly girl, but always lazy ones.

laser pointer pen Hot and fascinating women are not lazy. A bikini top or bottom with sequins beads or tinsels make you shine under the sun. Besides all the above preparations, it is important to give yourself a thorough cleaning and a good rest before the beachtime. Cutin removal and hair removal are indispensable. Sun cream is a must in case of sunburn. And a good rest offers you a healthy complexion and skin color. Perfume adds special flavor to the atmosphere. Men will never resist your hot body when you are dressed in gorgeous and sexy swimwear. And if you already have a boyfriend, it is really a reward to him by enjoying your attractive body in a suitable sexy swimwear. In a good mood, you two are sure to have the best date in this spring on the beach.

Comprehensive Collection of Eye Catching Women’s Swimwear Styles-86

March 29, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Women today have a lot of options when it comes to buying women’s swimwear. With heightened female awareness everybody wants to look good whether on the beach or by the pool side. It is for this reason that most designers have introduced a variety of beautiful swimwear that not only make a woman look and feel good but also enhances their over all beauty. Most of these swimwear designers have come up with an all comprehensive collection that can fit any woman’s desires. They have enlarged their inventory to fit all women’s body type including plus size women, who can also step out to the beach in style.

New categories of women’s swimwear have been added this season and they offer a wide range of new appealing mix and match swimwear, sexy swimwear as well as bikini swimsuits. This summer season no woman can afford to miss a perfect swimsuit wear from the largest inventory ever to be introduced. One of the most common styles this seasons the skirt style swimsuits. These are swim wears that come with skirts at the bottom. Another style that is also very famous this summer is the crochet swimsuits, which are flirty, eye catching and offer maximum fun. Other types of sexy swimwear include tankinis, fully covered swimwear, the diamond head bikinis and swim dresses. It is possible to choose these different styles in a variety of materials like the lined swimsuits, metallic shimmering swimwear, and sexy swimsuits.

Whether a mix and match or monokini swimsuits one can get a collection of some of the most desirable glamorous variety of swimwear as well as a new appealing collection of practicable unique reversible bathing suits. The advantage of getting these swimsuits is that one can buy them plus the accessories that one may need to create the most perfect summer beach and swim wear. Most of these swim suits offer a different cuts that any woman can choose from to increase their appeal.

It is not exhaustive to mention these collections of women sexy swimwear without mentioning the absolute diversity in material types. These swim wears can be found in sheer and even lace for that delicate sensation, there are also solid women swimsuits, animal prints and an assortment of colors and cuts to choose from. It is possible to get these collections of designer swimsuits from stores that sell them. Additionally, they can be purchased online from swimsuits online stores at very competitive prices.

Swimsuits For Women From Yokini Swimwear

March 27, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Who would not love to get tanned on the beach on a bright sunny day? Of course, everyone! But there is no fun without a perfect swimsuit to complement the occasion. Yokini Swimwear has a very uniquely designed swimsuit bottom for a woman that fits every body shape and size. In case you are still shy and inhibited regarding coming out in the public in an ultra chic swimwear, then probably the modest swimwear would suit you just right.

Swimsuits for women at Yokini Swimwear come with a unique bottom which fits every type of body just like a glove. Whether it is a sexy look or a sporty look or a slinky look you are looking out for, they give you the perfect shape and fitting, making you feel good and sexy too. Not all women possess a perfectly toned body that they could flaunt when they sport a swimsuit. This does not mean that they cannot wear a swimsuit at all. The modest swimsuits that are available at Yokini Swimwear would take care of all your imperfections and still make you look svelte and stylish. For the not so outgoing type of women who still have certain reservations about wearing a two piece, the conservative yet stylish modest swimwear collection fits the bill.

Shopping for swimsuits has never been so easy as you could do the same sitting from the comfort of your home, browse through the entire collection that the online store has. The halter top, triangle top, underwire top, bandeau top…these popular top styles offer absolutely endless options that you could choose from. Swimsuits for women are available in Aruba Blue, Mod Pink, Tie Dye Blue, Zebra, Pastel Glory and many solid colors too. Print bikini tops and bottoms, solid bikini tops and bottoms…all of them under one place to make your choice easy and simple so that you could remain trendy when you are having a great time on the beach with your family or friends.

Feel confident by wearing Yokini Swimwear paying no heed at all to your slight flaws because these specially designed modest swimsuits gel with every unique body contour the woman has like a glove. And one of our favorite bottom positions is the retro bathing suit look or the vintage bathing suit look that would take you back to the 1940s, 50s, and so on. Flaunt your style with stylish swimsuits for women that are available at Yokini Swimwear.

Different Types of Designer Swimwear

March 15, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Is there an alternate name for summer season? Why can’t we replace it with the name swimwear season? On a hot summer day, nobody wants their body to be covered up by bulky clothes. To help you get relieved from this burning weather, swimwear and bikinis were made-up. It makes you feel comfortable and free. They are the prominent beach wears, preferred by a wide variety of ladies. Before purchasing a swimwear ensure that you stick on to the current trend, since they come up in different styles each year.

There are excellent varieties of swimwear available in today’s world. High-quality designer swimwear include, maternity swimwear, water aerobic accessories, thermal and sun protective swimwear, wet suits, sports swimwear, mastectomy swimwear, plus sized swimwear, high fashion swimwear and more. Maternity swimwear comes in both two-piece and one-piece suits. They are available in designs that cover your larger belly. This kind of swimwear is preferred by pregnant women who wish to have more coverage area. They cover your bottom half with a skirt attached to it made up of soft stretchy fabrics. Thermal wear and sun protective swimwear are particularly designed for children, in order to prevent harmful UV rays penetrating into their body. They are made up of a heat reflective neoprene material which allows children to maintain their warmth safely. These swimwear are said to block 98% of sunlight, and thereby heat penetrating to the body is merely low. Such sun protective swimwear are now-a-days designed for adults and babies too.

Next is the water sports swimwear, which is quite different than other standard swimsuits. They are designed to be worn for water sports like wind surfing, surfing, water skiing, jet skiing and wake boarding. These swimwear provide you warmth and protection. This is the reason why it differs from other swimsuits. As we knew all other swim suits are designed in a way to give you some chillness on a hot summer day, whereas water sports swimwear offer you warmth and protect you from cold water. Wet suits are yet again another standard swimwear to reflect heat and secure you. They are made up of neoprene material that provides you flexible and comfort feel. These suits are available in both long and short sleeves. Wet suits are also highly durable. A sports swimwear is typically meant for sports use. They include competition swimwear, accessories, training suits, lifeguard suits and practice suits. If you are an over sized person then a plus sized swimsuit would be a better fit for you. A high fashion swimwear can be preferred by fashion lovers.

What is a sexy swimwear company good for bikini contests or modeling?

March 13, 2011 by  
Filed under Bikini Questions

I am looking for a really sexy bikini, but not a thong. Something that would be good for a bikini contest or to take some modeling pics in.

Choose The Right Swimwear That Suits You

March 12, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

On a hot summer vacation wouldn’t you be keyed up to strip down your bulky clothes and relax on sea shore? swimsuits and bikinis are made up for this purpose. There are plenty of reasons to get on to the swimsuit season. With a bikini or swimsuit, there is always a little part of the body to get covered up, which makes you feel free and comfortable. This makes people stick on to such clothes during summer. Also on a lazy summer day, it in-fact gives a pleasure and excitement to spend time on a beach or pool, with your loved ones. On such a day you would obviously prefer wearing a swimsuit. It makes you feel cool and comfortable. All these have made swimsuits highly demandable and a hot topic in fashion industry.

Swimwears are available for ladies, men and children in different styles and shapes. But swimwear designers highly concentrate on designing ladies swimwear. Though the bikinis and swimsuits come out from a small piece of cloth, the designers find it hard to design one. The reason for this is none of the ladies have a perfect and fit body. Some of them might have a huge body, and hence they may hesitate to wear a swimsuit or bikini. But currently, they come in various styles and sizes, which highlight your best features, and make you to look stunning and glamorous. For this, you need to choose the right swimwear which suits you. If you’re self conscious about being too thin, look for a figure flattering swimsuit with a bold, exciting print in bright colors. If you feel that you are heavier go for a smaller print with a dark background and less contrast. You may also have a feeling that your hips and thighs are heavy. In such a case, try a swimsuit with a bold or attractive top and a simple or dark bottom. Choose one pieces if you are over weighted. This could help you cover the stomach area and other parts which may seem large. Dark bottoms are suggested for those who have large thighs and hips. Also, ensure that your swimsuits are made of good quality materials.

Selecting a swimwear is very easy and simple. All you need is to know what works best for you and your body. It is also equally important to be conscious in choosing styles that match the season and the amount of skin you’re willing to reveal. Look for bikinis with cute frills and hipster briefs, which make you, look like a cute glamorous kitten on the sea shore. The classic pear shape model is preferred by women who have bigger bottom halves than the top halves. So for what are you waiting for? Summer is nearing and get your swimsuits on.

Dos and Donts of Swimwear Shopping

March 11, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Going to the beach is super relaxing but the idea of wearing something that accentuates the best in you might be a daunting task to take upon especially at the swimsuit store. While shopping for swimsuits normally people think and imagine them in a certain swim wear but end up buying something else most often than not because they lack proper knowledge on all aspects of a swimsuit in accordance to their particular body type. Knowing what suits you when you shop for a rather skin revealing piece of feminine outfits is quintessential so that you are highly satisfied, relaxed, comfortable and feel sexy and attractive in the kind of swimwear you choose. You have a variety of swimwear to choose starting from bikinis, tankinis, halter-top bikini, one piece lingerie tank, bikini with boy shorts, push-up bikinis and tankinis, string bikinis, Brazilian bikinis, surplice, skirted bikinis, Bandeau, monokini, high neck and low back swimsuits and so on. There is no dearth of the types found. But first know what your body type is.

Women are beautiful in their own different way. Their bodies are sculpts of creativity by The Creator and to cherish it you need to accept it as it is. Most women shy away from showing off their bodies in swimsuits because they don’t like something that actually turns out to be really insignificant in the end of it all. Choosing the best swimsuit that suits you well will give you the well-needed confidence while you strut on the sunny beach with your loved ones or friends. Body types may vary extensively; some women have large busts, wide shoulders, athletic bodies, pear-shaped contour, full bottoms, protruding tummy, long lean bodies, short torsos, slim waists, hourglass-shaped bodies, short legs, no waist and so many more in the combination of all these.

When you are looking for comfort, stay away from elastics. Also elastics tend to bulge out the extra fat that might be prominently shown. For instance, when you buy the underwear bottoms, go for a material that sits comfortably on your body and blends well with your natural body shape, whatever it may be. Loose tummies can always be covered with a tankini. Avoid V-cuts in the neck region when you have a pear-shaped body, go for a straight cut strapless shoulders which would work really well when you have good collar bones. On the other hand, if you do go for a tankini with a halter top and you want the emphasis shifted to the top part of your body instead of the tummy, hips and thighs, go for a top that has an attention grabbing hardware like a chunky metal piece above the bust. Women with bigger bottoms can choose to wear boyshorts or skirts but if you are confident enough to show-off a part of it you could opt for a Brazilian bikini. If your problem area is your hips and thighs, wear a skirt bikini, this works especially well for moms who go running around their children, picking them up and so on. Also, an underwire at the bust will ensure that your bossoms are in place. Have a short torso?? Wear a bottom that is lower at the same time covers your bottom at the back very well to avoid any exposure of the butt crack.

Find Designer Swimwear that keeps you comfortable in the resort or on the beach

March 10, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Do you have the right beachwear to enjoy sunbathing or a cool dip in the pool or ocean?

Being comfortable in your swimwear, both emotionally and physically, is crucial to maximizing your enjoyment in the resort, at the lake or at the beach. It is much easier to have lots of fun when the focus is on having fun, not on your swimwear that either doesn’t fit properly, or just doesn’t feel right for you. This is why it is so important to get your swimwear from a company with experienced swimwear fit experts. They spend their lives helping women of all shapes and sizes navigate the scary waters of finding the perfect suit for their own body. In fact this is one of the most compelling reasons for buying designer swimwear from a specialist swimwear store: the care and attention that is paid to getting the best designer swimwear, bikini, one piece swimsuit or coverup for your body, that is what great customer service is all about.

We have all experienced the department stores, which allocate staff seasonally to the swimwear department, they know little other than the names and size on the labels, and there is no concept of swimwear fit expertise at all. Another season will see the same staff selling cook wear or Christmas decorations.

It’s not just your swimsuit either it’s how you best represent yourself in your precious leisure time, whether you spend that in Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, or at a beach party in Las Vegas. Having the right beachwear, a bikini, perhaps something bright and sexy from L*Space, A coverup, perhaps from Robin Piccone’s 2011 collection, a stylish Stetson straw hat from Melissa Odabash, beach canvas bag from Earth Axxessories and of course a pair of Havaianas.

Putting together a great look for you is a very unique and personal experience, having expert help while putting that look together so that it suits your body and your personality, that’s priceless

How to Choose The Right Swimwear or Bikini to Suit Your Figure

March 4, 2011 by  
Filed under About Bikini

Women’s figure differs from one to another and for this reason the swimsuit or bikini which might look great on another women might not be well suited from other. While selecting the swimwear product you should determine your body type first before looking on the deals available in the store for your summer needs, as the selection of wrong swimwear or bikini products can ruin your summer very easily.

Unlink winter when everyone likes to keep themselves under the duvet, in summer people likes to smell the freshness, enjoy the sunshine and stay on beach most of the time. With so many variety of swimwear and beach wear out in the market, it’s really challenging to rely on just one or two bikini during the whole summer time. And that is the main reason that you should select the best suitable and one of the good one out of your favourite as its going to be your companion for several months.

As we mentioned earlier the first thing to do is to find out the kind of body shape you have. Generally there are six different categories for women’s figure and those are either of: apple shape, pregnant, pear shape, plus size, small busted or boyish. Sooner you spot the type of your body shape you should be ready to select the right swimsuit which will fit for all your spots.

Women with the pear shape body type which counts for wide bottoms will need to draw more attention to their top. The bottom which is skirted is the best for this body type as this would normally hide the hips or bum, the only thing you need to ensure that the bathing suit you select sits well on your hips.

Women with apple shape body type, as they are the complete opposite from one with pear shape and are heavy at top with narrow hips, should go for the halter topped bathing suits as it will help to enhance the cleavage line. The only thing you need to ensure here is to select the one with underwire to help support the bust line. Cut out swimsuits would be the perfect choice for this type of figure.

For women’s, who are expecting with ever expanding belly, tankinis would be the best choice to not reveal too much but still show off their cute little bums.

As the plus sized women having the curvy all over figure a one piece bathing suit would be the best choice. All the choice of the one to suit is really specific and has to be one of the darker tones or if you go for one of the printed one try and select the one with smaller print so as to hide the problem areas. And also make the use of sarong so as to cover the middle section to give more emphasize on your waistline.

Small busted women typically do not want to draw attention to their upper body part so a bikini with simple top and striking bottom would be the best choice. A ruffed bikini top could add some fullness to the size where it needed the most.

Lastly for the women with boyish body type who has least curves and more of an athletic body a halter top would be perfect so as to show off the well toned shoulder and arms.

Regardless of what shape your body is, there is a one swimsuit or bikini or bathing suit available which will suit you and your needs perfectly for your summer time.

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